ABSA Ready to Work: Enhancing Your Skills before Applying for Jobs


To keep up with the current human lifestyle that is extremely competitive, having higher educations and degrees become an important part in our life. Educations and higher degrees will be very beneficial for job seeking. By having higher degrees or education, you can increase the chance of getting a job suitable with your passion and competences. For those who want to get specific education related to banking right after you finish your education, joining ABSA Ready to Work can be the best solution. Offered by ABSA Bank Limited, this program is designed to provide learning material, which will help the applicants to enhance their entrepreneurial, money, people, and work skills. The applicants are able to select their own pathway of learning according to their individual needs, and finish the learning via internet during their own time using a mobile platform, tablet, or computer. After completing the selected pathway of learning, Ready to Work also provides the applicants with the opportunities to apply for further exposure of workplace. The applicants are also given an access for the facilitator guides that are needed to support them in their path to become work-ready individual.

ABSA is a company that is fully-owned by Barclays Africa Group. This subsidiary offers a wide range of investment, corporate, business, and retail banking, as well as management services and products mainly in Africa and particularly in South Africa. In 2015, ABSA launched Ready to Work program, an initiative of employability that provides services to equip and train young people in order to prepare themselves for working environment. This program is a training curriculum that pursues for empowering people within productive age with skills and training they need to improve their entrepreneurial and employability prospects. It provides access to top notch learning materials, focused on entrepreneurial, money, people, and work skills, via online content, work exposure, and training face-to-face.

The Head of Citizenship of Barclays Africa named Sazini Mojapelo mentioned that the main priority of their Citizenship plan is to support young people in gaining access to the opportunities and skills they need to unleash their potential. The main focus area of this company is Skills Development and Education, mainly to support the future generation in getting the opportunities and skills they need to transit from school life to entrepreneurship or working environment. The company has identified skills development and education as a room in which it is able to create a sustainable influence via initiatives such as the Ready to Work program.

This corporation have a commitment to shared growth that means creating a great impact to the society and conveying shareholder value. The values of this group are explained below:

  • Service: the company puts their clients and customers as the main priority of what they do.
  • Stewardship: the company has a great passion in turning things better than when they found them.
  • Integrity: the group acts openly, fairly, and ethically in everything that they do.
  • Excellence: the group uses their resources, skills, and energy to give the top sustainable results.
  • Respect: they value and respect those they work together with and their contribution.

The goal of this company is to be the chosen provider of financial services. The aim of this company is to support their clients and customers in accomplishing their ambitions and dreams in the correct and promising way.

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VW Learnerships Careers: Working in Automotive Industry


Engineering Learnerships

Job seeking can be one of the most difficult tasks to do due to the excessive competition and various job vacancies available around the world. There are a lot of times when people do not get the jobs according to their competencies or passion but still accept the job offer nonetheless to make sure they can earn some money and continue to live. For those who are interested in working within automotive industry and currently reside in South Africa, you can try to apply for VW learnership career. Volkswagen, or better known as VW, was established in South Africa in 1946. This group is a fully owned branch of VWAG or Volkswagen Aktiengessellschaft in Germany. VW is considered the biggest investment made by German within South Africa. This company is also the main contributor to skills development, foreign direct investment of FDI, and technology transfer within the county. The company is situated within Uitenhage, approximately 35 km away from Poth Elizabeth within the Eastern Cape. This town is considered the industrial part of area.

This subsidiary has become the leading company within the main fields of transformation for generations. They set their main objectives and measure their success, which become the reason they have a astonishing record as a responsible company citizen. VW Group South Africa have a strong belief that skills development and job creation will induce transformation. Thus, their first priority is to create a successful and string business that creates and protects jobs within the company and the wider VW family of franchised dealers and suppliers. This company, as a multi-national group, also commits strongly to increase South Africa’s foreign direct investment and to advertise the transfer of skills, knowledge, and top notch technology. A lot of workers at every levels hired by VW Group South Africa have gotten training at the company’s plants all over the world. Volkswagen continues to be the main position in various fields, such as affirmative action and employment equity, skills development and training, the development of medium and small enterprises and job creation, black franchised dealers’ appointment, black owned supplier’s development, corporate social investment and community development, and wellness and health, including fighting against HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

Volkswagen offers various types of careers that will introduce the applicants to dynamic novel concepts. They also provide a challenging and exciting work environment. This company possess a certificate as the leading employer within the country and has one among the top programs for graduate trainee. There is a strategic talent pool that aim to create a database for skilled individuals on various fields, including quality assurance, transport, marketing, purchasing, and engineering. They also have trainee programs to give opportunities to passionate individuals that wish to venture within the dynamic and fascinating world of automotive manufacturing. By joining the trainee programs, you will be exposed to leadership, personal, and corporate development. You can also see the glimpse of automotive industry in South Africa by joining this program by visiting www.availablelearnerships.com .

This company also provides positions in aftersales and sales with its more than 120 dealerships all over the country. The employees of Volkswagen are given access to the information of career path that will assist these employees to arrange the development of their career. The progression of the positions is mostly based on competency. However, there are several instances in which the progression is based on vacancy. Those are some brief information regarding the overview of Volkswagen Group South Africa and a snippet of future careers within the company.

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Bursary – A Way Out Of Paying Tuition Fee


Education is a basic need for everyone. In order to support and bring betterment for family’s financial condition, people must possess higher education background. As consequence people need to learn in college or university which means that they also need to afford the tuition fee. It is not easy for the lower class to the middle-class family to afford higher education for their children since they have to spend thousand dollars only for educational expenses while other daily needs also become their main concerns.

Though the government has provided educational aids, somehow or other it is not enough to cover nation’s needs. Some people are trying to get a private loan yet it is hard to handle in the future for they have to pay it back sooner or later. Some others are looking for bursary and scholarship either local or international one. Those are great alternatives to solve the financial issue of education fee.

Alternatives To Afford Higher Education Fee

Two of the best alternatives is by looking for scholarship and bursary either from the government or private institution. Most of the institutions now have a particular budget within their CSR program to help people including overcoming education issue.

Bursary, for instance, is widely available for those who are interested to continue studying in college but do not have enough money to pay the tuition fee. Commonly, the bursary provider will request certain requirements for the applicants including financial record and statements stating that their current financial condition cannot meet the education expenses they have to pay. Moreover, some bursary will require not only personal information but also a family record.

There are a lot of privacy to a government institution that provides education aids such as bursary. You can search it online on some scholarship websites or community sites that concern on higher education. If you are lucky enough there are even some community which is willing to guide you to prepare, apply and do the selection for the bursary. It is better for you to keep updated on any scholarship and bursary information.

How To Get Bursary And Other Educational Aids?

There are steps that you can follow to get bursary and scholarship. Those are including preparation, application, and post application.

  • Preparation: It is important to get enough preparation. You can start by searching bursary provider online and learn what requirements they ask of you. Preparing any documents is the next step in deciding which sponsor you pick. You need to make sure their detailed program and what demand they have from you during you later period of study.
  • Application: After all documents are ready you may need to apply as soon as possible considering that there will be a lot of applicants who also wish to get the financial support.
  • Post application: After you applied you might be required to do some selection process. Once your wish is granted you might need to maintain your education or other extracurricular activities record.

Those are some suggestion you may consider to get a bursary. The bigger effort you have the more chance will come to you.

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Prospective Career In South Africa


South Africa has developed its prosperity not only for its indigenous people but also for other migrants. There are a lot of migrants who are relocated to the country in order to run a business. South Africa is gifted with abundant sources that successfully allure investor to expand their business in the country and make the country as the basis of production and manufacture. Taken for example garment industry, some major international garment factories start to open a factory in the country and employ local people and international migrant worker to work there to boost the production. Even, some local garment from another country also uses South Africa as its basis of production.

Another prospective career is on the manufactory. Some giant automotive and electronic industries are expanding their business in South Africa. Not only automotive and electronics, food, and beverage manufacture are also growing in the country. Some are local factories and some few other are a worldwide brand business. Tourism and transportation are also affected. There is some local major group of hotel and resort which are growing and reaching another continent outside of Africa.

Seeking For Greater Challenge

As consequence of that phenomenon, not only investor who are interested to grow business in South Africa, but also a great number of international job seekers are also willing to have a promising career in the country. Besides joining with some major manufacturer, working having career in South Africa allows employees to work with various people in the different background of culture. It also allows them to work with people in a wide range of level and origin. Not only it will increase their professional skill but also it can broaden their knowledge about culture. In addition, workers are exposed to a greater scope of a challenge for they are working with foreigners at a different level and position. Here, survival skill is challenged.

How To Have Prospective Career In South Africa

To get all those experience, you should have prepared yourself with some skill in the certain field. Since you are going to compete with other international competitors, experience and competence are the biggest concern. There are some points to consider if you would like to have a prospective career in South Africa.

Browse a lot

Companies and industries in South Africa are welcome to international talents. They are regularly posted vacancies through their website so that overseas applicants get the same chance to apply. There are many more websites for alternatives that also provide a direct link to the official website. However, some of them might request you to become member and subscriber to their sites. It does not matter for you get wider job opportunities. If it is possible, try to get information from community or acquaintances who have worked there. It will make you easier to proceed with the further steps.

Add Competency

Use your time to upgrade yourself. You can start by joining internship, local or overseas program. Otherwise, you can spend your time preparing and adding competence in a certain field by joining leadership in South Africa so that your chance to continue your career there is bigger. Another way is by studying in a higher level of education such as in college or university and master a field that you are interested in.

Apply to Company

If you have prepared all documents needed, you can proceed to apply. From your research, you know how to apply to the company. Most of the companies allow the applicant to send the application online. Therefore, making yourself aware of technologies is important. Otherwise, you may be asked to send the application by post in order to provide certified and legal documents.

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Expanding International Career Overseas


The uniqueness of South Africa has attracted not only thousand tourists but also a lot of business stakeholders to expand their business in the continent. South Africa is rich by its nature and manpower that become the main attraction for visitors both tourists and investors. The infrastructure in the country is growing rapidly. The buildings, transportation, education, health are getting better day by day. This could be enough reasons for investing business in South Africa and make it as one of the greatest destinations for job seekers.

Because of the rich sources of nature including flora, fauna, and other stunning landscapes, the country has become the major destination for tourism. Besides, the country is rich in its mineral sources. Therefore, the mining industry is well developed in the country and it requires experts in handling and exploring the sources. The availability of those sources indeed requires a great number of manpower and experts to be involved in the industry.

Abundant Job Options In The Black Continent For Global Talent

There are many fields available for experts and fresh graduate applicants who are willing to broaden the career to South Africa. Some of the fields are Mining industry, Manufacturing field also Hospitality and Tourism industry.

  • Mining

South Africa’s natural sources are not limited to its wide range of wildlife and nature but also the mineral sources. The country is popular for its diamond and gold mining. Some big mining sites are built in order to explore its lavish sources. The bigger sites are the number of workers will be needed. Therefore, for those who have studied in this field or have experience in mining industry, South Africa is the great place to get a better career. Besides, the income of mining industry cannot be doubted.

  • Manufacturing

Most of the GDP (gross domestic product) comes from the manufacturing industry. The plenty sources of manpower and land availability have served the country with a great number of manufacturing industry namely garment, automotive, electronics and many more. The great number of industry and production has allured many talents from across the globe to join in the South African workforces.

  • Hospitality and Tourism

The natural sources and gorgeous landscape of Africa have attracted many visitors to come and enjoy the panorama. As consequence, the hospitality and tourism industry is also growing. Moreover, the biggest soccer event, World Cup, helped the country to boost its hospitality industry. The country required thousand hundred of worker for accommodating the needs and it remains until today’s business. The higher number of tourists opens the chance for those who would like to expand a career in hospitality not only limited to hotel and restaurants but also aviation and cruise business.

In brief, South Africa offers a wide range of career that international talents or applicant could compete. The various jobs have served with not only well-paid salary but also career path possibility. Thus, for those who still hesitate to involve in the African industry, now no need to worry anymore for you will get prosperous life and career.

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Taking Challenge To Work In Government Institution


There are many choices of jobs that people are looking for. The choices vary based on personal interest. Some people are looking for a job that allows them to get fast promotion and clear career path thus they choose to work in private company either local or international level. Some others choose to have a steady and secure job so they take the decision to serve their country as a civil servant. Few others are choosing a challenging job that allows them to actively involved in nature, social events, or other on-site jobs.

Position In Government Department For Extensive Career

Many people choose to have a steady and secure job that is well-paid and providing benefit including retirement benefit. Therefore, many people are competing to get a seat in any government department. Serving for society and country and working behind the desk may not as challenging as another kind of jobs yet many people are still targeting this job. It does not mean that working in government limit your potential to get promoted. There is a certain functional position that you can pursue to extend your career. The higher position you get the more benefit you may get.

There are many government departments which are available to the public. The most position which is offered to the public is lower level position while the upper position may only be addressed for internal staffs who have served in a certain period of time. If you are interested in government position you can choose law enforcement department, economics department, health department, education department and many more. Each department has its own career path and stages as well as a challenge. One thing for sure, becoming civil servant means you are ready to prioritize the people and hold back your passion to achieve personal goals.

The Thing To Highlight On Finding Government Vacancies

Nowadays, you can join government board either local or international one. For instance, you can join United Nation boards and services worldwide. Many vacancies are available and free to access in government sites and other websites that provide a link to the original source.

  • Research

The first thing to highlight is gathering as much information as possible. Once you have decided which department you want to join with, you need to do research on their programs, vision, mission, and even policies. Many sources are abundant on the internet even some departments have compiled information to make public access their programs.

  • Education Background

Secondly, it is highly required that you have a higher education background. High school level may still be available. However, you may not able to get into better position. In addition, you need to sort your educational documents and other supporting documents soon. Providing original documents, certified copies and digital copies is very important to do.

  • Health Condition

As you are going to serve the country for years, it is important to maintain your health since now. If you are having a terminal illness or simply unfit condition, it will be very hard for you to apply for government vacancy.

  • Military Service

Some countries consider applicant’s involvement in mandatory military service. Therefore, fudging any document, just to make you become an eligible candidate, will only lead to a bigger problem.

If you are eager to apply for government position, then you need to consider those things. Being prepared earlier will make you at ease in enrolling yourself. You cannot take it for granted since you will have hundred even thousand competitors. In brief, applying for government position means you are ready to devote yourself to the country and set aside your personal business.

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Start Your Career Overseas By Joining Learnership


South Africa is one of the biggest industrial sites that are open to the migrant. A lot of vacancies are available for public not only for the local citizen but also international employees. That is why the country is continuously spreading job vacancies all over the world.

If you are interested in making money and having international experience at the same time, joining SA Learnerships can be the best gateway. For fresh graduates from the highest level of education equal to 12 grades may not have enough working experience, thus most SA vacancies offer a program that let fresh graduates experience the real working culture.

The leadership program is provided by companies to bring advantage both to the establishment and the employees themselves. The introduction session allows overseas talents to adapt to the working culture, get to know company’s products, the coworker, and the company’s system. Joining Learnership will definitely bring benefits to all parties.

Getting To Know Leadership Program

A leadership is a combination of education and professional development. The participant of the program is invited to work in the company and at the same time learn technical things about the job. Leadership is aimed at learning the certain field of industry such as electrical, engineering to management.

SA Learnerships is managed by the country’s authority thus the prosperity of the participant is guaranteed during the program. It is so important for it helps the participant to gain real experience and create a gateway to career opportunities especially overseas. During the program, participants are paid and even get some other benefits. The period of the leadership varies for each agreement. The period will last until the applicants are taken as well-qualified candidates for the industry.

Learnership And Internship – What So Different?

The term leadership may sound unfamiliar while internship can be more familiar for common people. There are some differences between those two terms including the kind of program, period and benefit.

  • Kind of program – the internship is commonly offered for those who possess at least diploma degree while leadership is available for those who are seeking professional qualification. Therefore, end the end of the period the participant of leadership will be awarded certain ficate of qualification. Leadership is more likely doing on-the-job-training where the participant is taken as a trainee and being trained for certain skill in the field.
  • Period – the period time for an internship is most likely shorter than leadership. The internship generally last for a couple weeks or months. However, SA Learnerships mostly offer employment contract along with leadership agreements. During the period of leadership, it is possible for the participant to be terminated and lose any benefit they should get. After the completion of the leadership, according to the agreement, the participant may have a chance to be employed in the company and become staff there.
  • Benefit – internship seems like an observation activity. Participants do not get major responsibilities and project so they may not get any benefit. Even, sometimes internship requires a fee on enrollment. On the other hand, leadership offers a minimum amount of salary for the participants and are free from the registration fee. Most significant benefit from this kind of training is that participant gets the opportunity to be employed in the company and get the full benefit from other staff.

How Leadership Links To Employment Opportunities

Leadership including SA Learnerships is a focused training program that requires the applicant to provide legal documents and all the activities are considered legal and compensated with a minimum amount of wage. leadership agreement and employment contract are needed so participants are monitored regarding their working performance. Though it is not guaranteed that at the end of the program participants will automatically recruit an employee, the program is a great stepping stone for a further career. Moreover, if participants are doing excellent during the contract period it is possible that employer is interested and recruits them to join the establishment.

After getting to know about leadership training program, you may be interested to join. Basically, the program is great if you are an individual who is looking for professional enhancement. SA Learnerships are widely available that you can access it online and register yourself to one of the training programs in your field of expertise.

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Starting Career Path Through Internship Program


Internship Program

Once students enter college or university they would probably focus on studying and enriching competence by joining as many as possible activities within our outside of campus life. Then, once they become graduates, the focus turns to finding a job as soon as possible so that they will not add the number of unemployment. Therefore, many of the students choose to join internship program. Even, for some universities include an internship as their study requirements. The internship program is designed to make the graduates ready to enter job field. Besides, such program is very beneficial to create excellent workforces who are competitive. The program is also available to increase graduate’s competencies before they are involved in a company whereby they will not be empty handed when they start their career on a company.

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Benefits Of Being An Intern

There are some obvious things that someone will get from joining internship. The benefits are as follows:

  • Experience

Experience is a thing that anyone will get through an internship program. Someone can gain more experience in the certain field that they will not get only by sitting behind the desk at the campus listening to lectures. Experience is valuable for graduate will learn a lot during the period of being an intern. Someone will get the experience on how to be involved in the system, performing problem-solving, and to be independent as well as responsible.

  • Real Learning

As an intern, the company will appoint a staff to guide and teach him/her to do the jobs during the period. The intern can have a chance to see vividly on their coworkers on doing the jobs. This will be very important to learn directly from the experts. Intern usually gets a minor project oppositely will be responsible to assist the ongoing project along with other full-time staffs or to substitute the current staff’s temporary. Therefore, someone can learn about the job field better. Here also, an intern can learn how to perform good teamwork, understand the value of hard work and persistence. Someone can also learn how to solve the problem either with self or others.

  • Career

An internship can add value to someone’s resume. If he/she is doing a great job and showing excellent work performance, it can boost his/her career as well. The internship offers different programs. If someone is lucky enough to choose a program, he or she might have a chance to be recruited in the same company once he/she graduate as long as he/she has good track record during the program.

Being Prepared For Joining Internship

Each internship program may require some conditions for the applicant. It is better for applicants to start preparing as early as possible. Firstly, choosing the target company based on preference and interest is important. After finding the ideal company, applicants should start looking for information whether there are any requirements. Secondly, considering the internship host will define the further career. Applicant should decide whether joining the international or local program or maybe the government or private institution. In short, whatever internship someone picks, it will indeed provide a lot of benefits,

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A To Z Finding The Best Job Vacancies


Being a graduate is so exciting. It means you are free from doing any educational activities. However, sometimes the excitement does not last long. Graduates will struggle to be employed. It might look easy to prepare a resume, apply to the company, do some tests, and sign contract. In fact, it is not that simple. You may get difficulties in finding the right job according to your background, competence, and experience. That’s why preparation is strongly necessary.

Getting Prepared To Apply Job Vacancies

There are some steps you can do to be prepared to get a job easier. First of all, you should increase competition in the job field. Internship, leadership, part-time job can be a great solution. Adding more skill and competence will definitely bring you advantage. Secondly, you should start doing research on the target company. You have to understand any requirements, benefit or another thing to support your career. You can do it online for abundant information is available for you. Lastly, you need to prepare hard files and digital documents such as resume, cover letter, photos, and other supporting documents to apply any online vacancies. Using online resume maker allow you to create a creative resume.

Getting Hired Online – Finding Job Through Internet

You can get any kind of information through the internet including the job vacancies. Most of the companies have used the online recruitment process in order to get prospective employees. There are some options you can do to get online job vacancies.

  1. Check Out Company’s Website

You can regularly check the company’s website and go to career section. You can see if there is any job vacancy matches your background and skill. If there is any job you are interested, apply it as soon as possible. Recruiter mostly provides a certain form for the applicant in order to proceed with the online recruitment process. However, it may take time to check company’s website one by one and sometimes you will get no vacancy at all.

  1. Visit Websites

There are a lot of websites that provide job vacancy for any field and any degree. Some websites require you to register before you proceed to apply for jobs online. Some others, just freely provide a link that direct you to the company’s official website without registering yourself on the platform. It is way easier for you are exposed to hundreds or even thousands job vacancies and you can use keywords to look for your target job position or company.

  1. Join Career Expo

Last option that you can do online is finding information about career expo near your place. You can find it on websites or using social media. The organizers will direct you to register online and join the event for free. It is pretty effective for you can directly meet the company representatives and even it is possible to proceed into on the spot interview.

To summarize, you can find job vacancy easily by going online. You can choose either to apply through company’s website, other websites, or online career expo. No matter method you choose your competence defines your career.

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