Start Your Career Overseas By Joining Learnership


South Africa is one of the biggest industrial sites that are open to the migrant. A lot of vacancies are available for public not only for the local citizen but also international employees. That is why the country is continuously spreading job vacancies all over the world.

If you are interested in making money and having international experience at the same time, joining SA Learnerships can be the best gateway. For fresh graduates from the highest level of education equal to 12 grades may not have enough working experience, thus most SA vacancies offer a program that let fresh graduates experience the real working culture.

The leadership program is provided by companies to bring advantage both to the establishment and the employees themselves. The introduction session allows overseas talents to adapt to the working culture, get to know company’s products, the coworker, and the company’s system. Joining Learnership will definitely bring benefits to all parties.

Getting To Know Leadership Program

A leadership is a combination of education and professional development. The participant of the program is invited to work in the company and at the same time learn technical things about the job. Leadership is aimed at learning the certain field of industry such as electrical, engineering to management.

SA Learnerships is managed by the country’s authority thus the prosperity of the participant is guaranteed during the program. It is so important for it helps the participant to gain real experience and create a gateway to career opportunities especially overseas. During the program, participants are paid and even get some other benefits. The period of the leadership varies for each agreement. The period will last until the applicants are taken as well-qualified candidates for the industry.

Learnership And Internship – What So Different?

The term leadership may sound unfamiliar while internship can be more familiar for common people. There are some differences between those two terms including the kind of program, period and benefit.

  • Kind of program – the internship is commonly offered for those who possess at least diploma degree while leadership is available for those who are seeking professional qualification. Therefore, end the end of the period the participant of leadership will be awarded certain ficate of qualification. Leadership is more likely doing on-the-job-training where the participant is taken as a trainee and being trained for certain skill in the field.
  • Period – the period time for an internship is most likely shorter than leadership. The internship generally last for a couple weeks or months. However, SA Learnerships mostly offer employment contract along with leadership agreements. During the period of leadership, it is possible for the participant to be terminated and lose any benefit they should get. After the completion of the leadership, according to the agreement, the participant may have a chance to be employed in the company and become staff there.
  • Benefit – internship seems like an observation activity. Participants do not get major responsibilities and project so they may not get any benefit. Even, sometimes internship requires a fee on enrollment. On the other hand, leadership offers a minimum amount of salary for the participants and are free from the registration fee. Most significant benefit from this kind of training is that participant gets the opportunity to be employed in the company and get the full benefit from other staff.

How Leadership Links To Employment Opportunities

Leadership including SA Learnerships is a focused training program that requires the applicant to provide legal documents and all the activities are considered legal and compensated with a minimum amount of wage. leadership agreement and employment contract are needed so participants are monitored regarding their working performance. Though it is not guaranteed that at the end of the program participants will automatically recruit an employee, the program is a great stepping stone for a further career. Moreover, if participants are doing excellent during the contract period it is possible that employer is interested and recruits them to join the establishment.

After getting to know about leadership training program, you may be interested to join. Basically, the program is great if you are an individual who is looking for professional enhancement. SA Learnerships are widely available that you can access it online and register yourself to one of the training programs in your field of expertise.