Starting Career Path Through Internship Program


Internship Program

Once students enter college or university they would probably focus on studying and enriching competence by joining as many as possible activities within our outside of campus life. Then, once they become graduates, the focus turns to finding a job as soon as possible so that they will not add the number of unemployment. Therefore, many of the students choose to join internship program. Even, for some universities include an internship as their study requirements. The internship program is designed to make the graduates ready to enter job field. Besides, such program is very beneficial to create excellent workforces who are competitive. The program is also available to increase graduate’s competencies before they are involved in a company whereby they will not be empty handed when they start their career on a company.

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Benefits Of Being An Intern

There are some obvious things that someone will get from joining internship. The benefits are as follows:

  • Experience

Experience is a thing that anyone will get through an internship program. Someone can gain more experience in the certain field that they will not get only by sitting behind the desk at the campus listening to lectures. Experience is valuable for graduate will learn a lot during the period of being an intern. Someone will get the experience on how to be involved in the system, performing problem-solving, and to be independent as well as responsible.

  • Real Learning

As an intern, the company will appoint a staff to guide and teach him/her to do the jobs during the period. The intern can have a chance to see vividly on their coworkers on doing the jobs. This will be very important to learn directly from the experts. Intern usually gets a minor project oppositely will be responsible to assist the ongoing project along with other full-time staffs or to substitute the current staff’s temporary. Therefore, someone can learn about the job field better. Here also, an intern can learn how to perform good teamwork, understand the value of hard work and persistence. Someone can also learn how to solve the problem either with self or others.

  • Career

An internship can add value to someone’s resume. If he/she is doing a great job and showing excellent work performance, it can boost his/her career as well. The internship offers different programs. If someone is lucky enough to choose a program, he or she might have a chance to be recruited in the same company once he/she graduate as long as he/she has good track record during the program.

Being Prepared For Joining Internship

Each internship program may require some conditions for the applicant. It is better for applicants to start preparing as early as possible. Firstly, choosing the target company based on preference and interest is important. After finding the ideal company, applicants should start looking for information whether there are any requirements. Secondly, considering the internship host will define the further career. Applicant should decide whether joining the international or local program or maybe the government or private institution. In short, whatever internship someone picks, it will indeed provide a lot of benefits,