VW Learnerships Careers: Working in Automotive Industry


Engineering Learnerships

Job seeking can be one of the most difficult tasks to do due to the excessive competition and various job vacancies available around the world. There are a lot of times when people do not get the jobs according to their competencies or passion but still accept the job offer nonetheless to make sure they can earn some money and continue to live. For those who are interested in working within automotive industry and currently reside in South Africa, you can try to apply for VW learnership career. Volkswagen, or better known as VW, was established in South Africa in 1946. This group is a fully owned branch of VWAG or Volkswagen Aktiengessellschaft in Germany. VW is considered the biggest investment made by German within South Africa. This company is also the main contributor to skills development, foreign direct investment of FDI, and technology transfer within the county. The company is situated within Uitenhage, approximately 35 km away from Poth Elizabeth within the Eastern Cape. This town is considered the industrial part of area.

This subsidiary has become the leading company within the main fields of transformation for generations. They set their main objectives and measure their success, which become the reason they have a astonishing record as a responsible company citizen. VW Group South Africa have a strong belief that skills development and job creation will induce transformation. Thus, their first priority is to create a successful and string business that creates and protects jobs within the company and the wider VW family of franchised dealers and suppliers. This company, as a multi-national group, also commits strongly to increase South Africa’s foreign direct investment and to advertise the transfer of skills, knowledge, and top notch technology. A lot of workers at every levels hired by VW Group South Africa have gotten training at the company’s plants all over the world. Volkswagen continues to be the main position in various fields, such as affirmative action and employment equity, skills development and training, the development of medium and small enterprises and job creation, black franchised dealers’ appointment, black owned supplier’s development, corporate social investment and community development, and wellness and health, including fighting against HIV/AIDS in South Africa.

Volkswagen offers various types of careers that will introduce the applicants to dynamic novel concepts. They also provide a challenging and exciting work environment. This company possess a certificate as the leading employer within the country and has one among the top programs for graduate trainee. There is a strategic talent pool that aim to create a database for skilled individuals on various fields, including quality assurance, transport, marketing, purchasing, and engineering. They also have trainee programs to give opportunities to passionate individuals that wish to venture within the dynamic and fascinating world of automotive manufacturing. By joining the trainee programs, you will be exposed to leadership, personal, and corporate development. You can also see the glimpse of automotive industry in South Africa by joining this program by visiting www.availablelearnerships.com .

This company also provides positions in aftersales and sales with its more than 120 dealerships all over the country. The employees of Volkswagen are given access to the information of career path that will assist these employees to arrange the development of their career. The progression of the positions is mostly based on competency. However, there are several instances in which the progression is based on vacancy. Those are some brief information regarding the overview of Volkswagen Group South Africa and a snippet of future careers within the company.